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cenni storici   l'antro di Merlino   i film su re Artł e i cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda

I resti del castello

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Cenni storici. 

Dal sito «Tintagel has been long associated with the birth of Arthur. But it has not been until recently that the site has been seen to have a definite 5-6th century phase. Above the 13th century castle lies an island (once a peninsula), which contains the remains of buildings first explored in the 1930's but explored in greater detail after a major grass fire in 1983. Many more foundations and hundreds of 5-6th century pottery sherds were found. Recent excavations have found wall fragments and hearths...».

Dal sito «Though it is always said that King Arthur was born at Tintagel, early literary sources only ever actually say that he was conceived there. The rest is presumed or implied. But is Tintagel Castle really that old? Tradition: Geoffrey of Monmouth first told us of King Arthur's association with Tintagel Castle in 1139 when he wrote his History of the Kings of Britain. Duke Gorles of Tintagel lived at the Castle. One day...».

Dal sito «Tintagel Castle is set on a dramatic and picturesque headland that is virtually an island, connected to the mainland by a slim finger of land. Over the centuries much of the castle has fallen into the sea and very little remains today, but it is worth the steep climb up the steps to either part of the castle for the setting alone. The headland has been linked with the tales of King Arthur since 1136, when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that it was here that King Arthur was conceived. Later stories told of how Arthur was born and even lived at Tintagel, but...».



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