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cenni storici        Ivanhoe (1997)       i film su re Artù e i cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda

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Dal sito «A strong, imposing and well-preserved ruin, Craigmillar Castle consists of a 14th-century L-plan keep, surrounded by a 15th-century curtain wall with round corner towers. Early in the 16th century it was given an additional walled courtyard, protected by a ditch. The Prestons held the property from 1374, and built a new castle on the site of a much older stronghold. In 1477 James III imprisoned his brother John, Earl of Mar, in one of its cellars, where he...».

Dal sito «Craigmillar Castle was first mentioned in 1212 and purchased from John de Capella by Sir Simon Preston in 1374... The castle is somewhat notorious. Craigmillar was restored for Mary, Queen of Scots, to live here in 1566-67 after the murder of her Italian secretary (and probably lover), Rizzio, by her husband Darnley. During her stay, a band of conspirators (including Argyll, Huntly, Bothwell, Maitland, and Gilbert Balfour plotted to kill Darnley. Mary's room, in the south wing of the keep, is only 7' by 5', but contains two windows and...».

Dal sito «This castle is famous chiefly because it was the place where the murder of Darnley, husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, was planned while the queen was actually staying there in 1566-7. It is also interesting by virtue of its plan, which is the result of four main periods of building. The castle began in the late fourteenth century as a large plan tower-house, 16.1 x I?1.r) metres (53 x 49 ft). It has walls over 2.7 Meters (9 ft) thick, and is built with close- rubble of red-grey sandstone, with long, dressed quoins. The entrance to the castle is positioned in the small extending wing from the south side of the tower, which also contains a spiral staircase. The great tower-house was fortified in the 1 1420s by a massive quadrangular enclosure wall on both sides of the south of the tower where...».



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