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Sito e resti del castello di Cadbury

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Cenni storici

Dal sito «Cadbury has been associated with Arthur since at least the sixteenth century, when the distinguished antiquarian John Leland described it in his account of ancient British history. He wrote...».

Dal sito «Cadbury castle is not a castle in the traditional sense. Essentially it is a hill that is approximately 500 feet above sea level. The hill is the castle, fortified by 4 earthwork walls. These walls...».

Dal sito «In the 6th century, a powerful British leader, wealthy enough and still sufficiently civilised to have kept some of the habits of Romano-British civilisation, and to have been about to import from the continent wine contained in jars of eastern Mediterranean origin, reoccupied Cadbury Castle in force with...».

Dal sito «Cadbury Castle is the best known and most interesting of the reputed sites of Camelot. A hill-fort beside South Cadbury, down a small road which leaves the A303 at Chapel Cross, 1 1/2 miles east of Sparkford. The road passes through South Cadbury village and, a short distance beyond the church, comes to the foot of the only path up the hill. This is marked by a notice-board. There is a small parking space, and...».



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